GPS Position off by ~50-100m only in turf game









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2.1.2 - please upgrade

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Sometimes when i start Turf my position is off by somwhere whithin 50m-100m. When i go into google maps it first gives that off position but then gives the right position within seconds. Then i go back into turf, position is still off by same length.


Even after restarting app, clearing cashe, clearing app data. Re-installing turf game. Rebooting phone. Same problem remains. But then when i've changed position with app off for a couple of days. Now it works as it should again. So why does turf changes position when google maps has it right?

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Date: 2019-05-14T17:25:50+02:00

☒ I'm also affected by this issue.

Version: 2.1.2 - public release

Device: Samsung – Galaxy S8 – Android

I have the exact same problem. I have to stop for about every zone as the GPS is off. I use to move the phone back and forth, that makes it move right a bit faster. Closing it does not help. I also check with google which can be correct even Turf is not. But I have not had it closed for days.... Going on vacation on Saturday so might be able to keep it closed for a few days. I am in Turku, Finland, and assume Huxflux is in Sweden. My phone is only about 7 months old so it should not be broken yet. ;-) Happy for any suggestions that might help.


Date: 2019-05-14T18:18:10+02:00

Version: 2.1.2 - public release

Device: Huawei – p10 plus – EMUI 9.0.1

This is a screencapture i did to show off the bug. Really annoying. Uploaded to youtube. I will allso say that i did a reinstall of turf first time it happend and then it worked flawless for about a month untill now when it won't go back to a working state.


Date: 2019-05-14T22:43:11+02:00

Version: 2.1.2 - public release

Device: Huawei – p10 plus – EMUI 9.0.1

After trying some things suggested in other issue threads this is what I've done. As should you TortugaVeloz if you haven't already :] I have enabled and disabled/enable multiple functions under positioning such as WiFi and Bluetooth. I guess those goes under A-GPS so called "advanced positioning" with no success. I saw a suggestion to try the app: "GpsFix". And so i did. So it seems that Turf app is only using my "Android Network Provider" position and is not switching to the better, more precise "Google Play Services" position. My armature conclusion of this problems would be to block the "Android Network Provider" position and only use the "Google Play Services" position since Turf doesn't seem to switch to it. But that requires jail-breaking my phone..... Just simply want to play this amazing game!


Date: 2019-05-15T20:46:44+02:00

Version: 2.1.2 - public release

Device: Samsung – Galaxy S8 – Android

Thank you Huxflux for the tips. I will definitely try what you write. Hope it helps. Good Turfing !!! :-)

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