GPS loose position after app is closed unintentionally i.e. if the phone shuts down - Reinstall the app solves the issue.









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Android App is working fine and GPS is also showing correct position in the Turf App. This issue repeats everytime when the app is closed without pressing the back arrow and the dialogue "Are you sure you want to quit?" such as: 1. The phone is shut down intentional or unintentional without exit the TurfApp. 2. Terminate the app using the Box Icon in Android User Interface and exit by pressing X button in upper right corner. Only Solution to this issue is to: 1. Enter Google Play and select turfgame app 2. Uninstall the existing app 3. Download and Reinstall the app 4. Start the new installed app.


This issue happened to me, first time, the day of Turf Game Restart beginning of July 2018. My phone did shut down as the battery was drained (taking zones for several hours). Plugging in a powerbank to charge battery, reboot the phone and restarted the app. Now the GPS positioned me almost 6 km north west of my actual position. When I moved, the GPS stopped and then suddenly jumped a couple of meters (same direction as I) but still at this wrong position. I compaired with Google Maps, that showed me on the correct position I had a very intense issue with this the same week following when it first did occur, before understanding how to correct it. Effect of issue: First time this happen the GPS positioned me several kilometers in a faulty position. After that the issue (faulty position) is about between 2-10 meters, never at my actual position. When standing put in real life the GPS app position jumping around my actual position, but never on the spot I am at. It is as GPS trying to find my position without success. When moving in real life the effect of the issue is the opposite, as there is a "lagging" memory issue, The GPS stand put. Deactive and reactivate GPS in the app may move the position toward may actual postion but then stops. Not possible to correct the issue by: 1. Deactivate and Reactivate GPS in the Android OS on the phone 2. Deactivate and Reactivate the GPS in the Turfapp. 3. Exit Turfapp via end dialogue and reboot the phone.

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