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•Look in the forum •look at my takes •give me the web expandator and take 1000


I have post a notice about my web expandator. And no one have seen it. I missing my take-1000. Now I have around 1 900 takes.

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Date: 2014-02-19T22:25:55+01:00

Yes, actually I did see your post in the forum today. But I didnt know what to replay. Sometimes the issue is fixed the same day, sometimes it takes weeks. It depends on how much time there is for crew work. Some weeks there is a lot of other stuff happening in life. Sorry. Last month I have had very little time for reading the forum. But as it says in the medal claim thread, it goes faster to file an issue. An issue is never forgotten. :) It was an interesting way of trying to get the medal. Now I really have to go to sleep :)


Date: 2014-02-19T22:53:20+01:00

We need to investigate if you are eligible for an expandator medal for the Quizkampen question.


Date: 2014-02-20T20:56:16+01:00

I didn't mean to complain that you do not check the forum that often. I'm sorry :( But gladly discuss the issue of Web-expandator. Maybe it would come a new expandator medal?


Date: 2014-02-28T23:58:53+01:00

Okey, great :) No problem. While we value your contribution it is very hard to calculate the amount of people reached by a Quizkampen question/answer and it may not contain enough information to get people interested in Turf and find the app for download. Its a nice contribution though and all contributions to try to spread Turf is nice. I dont think it will come new expandator medals, but you newer know :) (Drassen and Simon who decides) Your take medal is now correct. I guess it was around November-January you should have gotten the take-1000, when we had some problems with a medal bug. :) Best regards, SaLa

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