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2.1.10 - please upgrade

Steps to reproduce

Start Turf app. Activate GPS. Run. Within 20 minutes, the phone restarts itself.


Phone restarts itself every 15-20 minutes on average. This only occurs when using the Turf app and running. It never occurs when the Turf app is not running. It does not occur when using the Turf app whilst cycling. There is some minor annoyance in time lost, and also some at needing to take my phone out and type in pass code every time (not something I really want to do when turfing in wet weather).

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Date: 2020-10-26T11:19:36+01:00

Have you tried reinstalling the application? Or tried to kill every other application before started running if it is related to your phones memory? I have never experienced this behaviour myself and I often run while playing Turf with my Oneplus 6T.


Date: 2020-11-13T17:16:02+01:00

Version: 2.1.10 - public release

Device: Google – –

I reinstalled as suggested. At first it made things far worse as the phone re-started itself after EVERY SINGLE zone take, so I was almost giving up on Turf altogether at that point. After a few off, then trying it again it has now only restarted a few times - and then only when Strava was also running - but not with any other app (e.g. I run a GPS based openstreetmap app in parallel with Turf with no problems. So overall, things seem much better now!

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